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Online Personal Training:

We want to help people achieve and maintain enhanced lifestyles through teaching, coaching and mentoring.  



There was day to day support. When life got busy for my husband and I, when things got in the way, Michael and Jade were both understanding and were able to work around us and tailor our plans according to our lifestyle. There were days that would be unpredictable but they would work with us, not against us.

Sharan - London, United Kingdom

They humanized the process and I saw the benefits of training 3 weeks in. I was a happier person because I had carbs in my diet and I didn't have to run on a treadmill to lose weight. The support was tailored to me.

Amit - London, United Kingdom

My confidence has grown so much in what I wear, how I look, how I can keep up with my grandchildren. I'm impressed with Jade's professionalism, she has vast knowledge, so it meant that the journey we were on, I always felt that Jade was beside me.

Pauline - London, United Kingdom

It's actually really easy to go to the gym and I'm really enjoying it because I can feel a difference. I know I'm actually accomplishing something.

JP - Toronto, Canada

What I liked most about online personal training (with MADEFIT) is the fact that it's a two way thing. It's not just 1 person telling you 'you have to stick to this workout, you have to stick to this nutrition guideline'... the fact that I had input into it as well and me learning was a key thing.

Faisal - London, United Kingdom

Not long after university, I started my own training and I was training for a few years. And then I met Michael who guided me and pretty much took me to the next level, and on a few more levels since then. He's been great, he's been sharing his knowledge and it's inspiring.

Rowan - London, United Kingdom

Over the years, with having kids, my body became weak and I had aches and pains, especially with my lower back. And my posture was awful. But Jade helped me sort it out. If the niggles come back I know what to do to get rid of it. So she has given me something in the long term.

Aisha - London, United Kingdom

I was unsure how Michael could really help me without physically being there. He walked me through step by step how he could keep track of my progress. And what I liked the most about being an online client is the 24 hour support. I felt like I could message him whenever I felt like I had a question about working out or guidance around lifestyle.

Dan - California, U.S.A.


I have had trouble dropping my mid section before, but the results speak
for themselves. The workouts were great. I feel great. I'm happy with my progress.

Brad Toronto, Canada
Online Personal Training Picture of client before and after 4 and 8 weeks

My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to hit my fat loss goal. My fears were smashed to pieces in 8 weeks as I was able to hit my goal and transform my body. The constant motivation and help kept me going. Your goal is Jade's goal, she takes your goal as her personal goal and she ensures she kicks your ass in the gym and motivates you outside the gym to ensure you reach your goals.

Sabrina London, United Kingdom



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