At the beginning of your online personal training journey, we learn and assess all aspects of your life (family, work, nutrition, activity level, responsibilities, commitments, etc) and make positive habit changes specific and sustainable to you, all the while balancing your other life commitments, rather than giving you generic advice.

Our custom made online personal training programs and nutritional guidelines are created and designed around your life to include options for different training environments (Gym, @Home), a library video collection of well over 250 exercises linked to your unique program, and tailor made with your existing lifestyle in mind giving you a bespoke training schedule that delivers results.

Your journey will be with us, a true 1-2-1 experience where Jade or Michael will be there to guide, support, challenge and encourage you over the weeks that we work with each other. No ‘contracted’ personal trainers or automated software that generates training programs. Just us. We fully commit to you with the trust that you bestow upon choosing us. At a fraction of what you would expect to pay a personal trainer, our international track record, our online courses (free for you!), round the clock support and guidance, our fitness and health mentoring is truly one of a kind.

Location doesn’t matter - wherever you are in the world, we will be there with you, every step of the way during your bespoke online training journey to achieve your goals.


Online personal training is possible. There is so much transparency, there is so much accountability that I never knew would actually be possible online. I was shown the way and guided through that process. And I thought this thing wouldn't be possible but it really is.

Justice London, United Kingdom



Jade or Michael.

Michael or Jade.

In other words, who would you cheer for 

in an arm wrestling competition?


Upon signup, you'll receive a downloadable lifestyle questionnaire to help us understand your goals, timeline, circumstances and preferences.


We'll set up a time to have a quick chat to go over any fine details and for you to ask any questions you have about the journey that we are going to start together.


You will receive your custom made training program and tailored nutritional guidelines within 2 days. And we will be in constant contact throughout.


I was unsure how Michael could really help me without physically being there. He walked me through step by step how he could keep track of my progress. And what I liked the most about being an online client is the 24 hour support. I felt like I could message him whenever I felt like I had a question about working out or guidance around lifestyle.

Dan California, U.S.A.

What's Best For You?


It's actually really easy to go to the gym and I'm really enjoying it because I can feel a difference. I know I'm actually accomplishing something.

JP Toronto, Canada


Over the years, with having kids, my body became weak and I had aches and pains, especially with my lower back. And my posture was awful. But Jade helped me sort it out. If the niggles come back I know what to do to get rid of it. So she has given me something in the long term.

Aisha London, United Kingdom

Still Deciding?



You don't want to risk your hard-earned money. That's why we've included a 30-day guarantee. Join us for a month. If you're not absolutely impressed with your results at the 30 day mark and the bespoke support we provide, let us know. We will provide a full refund of your Online Personal Training package. So go ahead, say "YES"…what do you have to lose? Your amazing results are fully guaranteed or your money back.


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We honour commitment.

Because of that, we only have room for a limited amount of men and women who we take on.  We refuse to take dozens and dozens of people on board. The quality and effectiveness of your relationship with us and your journey and results are a priority for us. We want to focus on YOU.

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