We’re looking for 16 motivated Moms to coach for FREE who are ready to own a slice of their day for themselves, take control of their bodies and feel lean, toned and confident for Summer ’18!


Welcome to our Project 1000.

We're on a mission to help 1000 moms across Canada to lose weight, regain their self confidence and energise them so that they can be the woman & best role model  for their children.




MADE4U is a service we provide where we tailor make a training program designed around your needs, goals and lifestyle. Regardless of your fitness level, experience or maybe even a 'dodgy-knee', we will create and build a custom made training program to work for you, with you.




What I liked most about online personal training (with MADEFIT) is the fact that it's a two way thing. It's not just 1 person telling you 'you have to stick to this workout, you have to stick to this nutrition guideline'... the fact that I had input into it as well and me learning was a key thing.

Faisal - London, United Kingdom

Jade helped me with my confidence and I liked learning how to get fit and being taught how to stay fit months after my amazing journey with Jade ended. Jade is friendly, passionate and knowledgeable - thank you Jade!

Macaila - London, United Kingdom

I have had trouble dropping my mid section before, but the results speak
for themselves. The workouts were great. I feel great. I'm happy with my progress.

Brad - Toronto, Canada

We could trust them because we had healthy, positive conversations with Jade and Michael. The coaching was personable and they wanted to genuinely help us. It's easier to achieve goals with an honest and open dialogue.

Minz & Sharan - London, United Kingdom

I didn't think I would of progressed as much as I have done in 3 weeks, but I was wrong (waist = -5 inches, hips = -6 inches plus dozen+ inches of bodyfat rapidly obliterated elsewhere).
I feel absolutely fantastic. My confidence has grown, I feel stronger and more energetic. I am getting compliments from family and work colleagues but most of all I feel better, I am looking better and am now going on holiday feeling like a champ.

Sandeep (Scotti) - London, United Kingdom

I was unsure how Michael could really help me without physically being there. He walked me through step by step how he could keep track of my progress. And what I liked the most about being an online client is the 24 hour support. I felt like I could message him whenever I felt like I had a question about working out or guidance around lifestyle.

Dan - California, U.S.A.

Online personal training is possible. There is so much transparency, there is so much accountability that I never knew would actually be possible online. I was shown the way and guided through that process. And I thought this thing wouldn't be possible but it really is.

Justice - London, United Kingdom